Valerie Tagwira

First Live Radio Interview

In Books, Interviews, Literature, The Uncertainty of Hope, Writing on May 10, 2008 at 9:38 am

Last night I had my first live radio interview with Ravi Govender of South Africa’s Lotus FM. We spoke for about 10 minutes.

We talked about The Uncertainty of Hope, the themes the novel explores; the significance of the novel’s setting; the novel’s relevance to readers in South Africa and why I wrote the novel.

The action in The Uncertainty of Hope starts in 2005, a few months before Operation Murambatsvina and, among other things, it explores the effect the exercise had on some of the most disadvantaged people in Zimbabwe, the unemployed, the poor and those who rely on the informal sector in order to survive.

I’d not thought about the relevance of the novel to readers in South Africa until Ravi asked the question. My response was that the novel is relevant because South Africa is witnessing an unprecedented influx of people who are trying to find ways to escape from the crisis that Zimbabwe is in. Some of the immigrants are refugees who are fleeing persecution because of their real or perceived political affiliations; others are ordinary men and women who are just trying to survive and who believe their chances of survival are better in South Africa than they are in Zimbabwe.

The Uncertainty of Hope is relevant to readers outside Zimbabwe not only because it gives an insight into some of the factors that are pushing people out of the country but also because of the other, more universal themes that it explores, themes like: the role of women in society; the lack of control they have over their sexuality when in the traditional marriage setting; domestic violence; relationships; the effect of HIV/Aids on families; poverty, its manifestations and effects; as well as the daily struggle to survive.


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